Lecture hall

location|Kiev, Ukraine
area|120 m2

Lecture hall can be changed and transformed depending on the tasks. It is shared by a mobile partition, which consists of individual parts, can be folded if used in the entire space, or divides it into two separate rooms while providing all soundproof, operational and aesthetic functions.
Sliding lecturing desk for a speaker is transformed into two separate units if the hall is divided into two parts.In each corner of the hall, there is a separate white screen that functions for every room. If the room is used as a common space, two screens provide the convenience of information spread and good visibility for all. The screens are covered with whiteboard paint, so they can be used simultaneously for writing, broadcasting images or video, and emphasizing information with markers. Everything is made for the comfort of the speaker and the audience.

architect|Daria Yurkevich
photography|Arsen Fedosenko