social housing

location|Brovary, Ukraine
area|3 400 m2

Located in Brovary  near Kyiv  is a tree-unit project for a multi-generational family. The presented challenge was to design dwelling unit for two families and two accessory dwelling units, each with private outdoor spaces and parking, all on a compact footprint to fit a tight urban lot.

The total area of one house for two families is 390 m2.

Each house has a parking lot and a courtyard on the ground floor. On the 1st floor, there is a living area with a kitchen, living room, dining room and a terrace overlooking the courtyard. On the 2nd floor and on the 3rd floor, there are bedrooms, while on the 4th floor there is a rooftop terrace. The houses have flexible layouts and can be adapted based on the needs of the residents.

The project takes into account the peculiarities of the region with a hot climate. The main rooms are located on the courtyard side.  The facades are oriented to the west and to the east, which is a favorable orientation in the summer. Special attention was paid during the design to the preservation of the existing trees on the site.

architect|Daria Yurkevich