Children’s Education Center ``Piou- Piou``

location|Kiev, Ukraine
area|60 m2

Children’s Education Center for 10-15 children of 3-6 years is located in one of the residential areas of Kyiv.
The main task was to take the most functionality out of the small space and accommodate all the necessary areas, creating a comfortable place for games and education of children.
The project provides an opportunity for natural daylight to spread throughout the room. The compositional center of the interior is a multifunctional space for games and various activities that can be adapted to the needs of the class. Mobile radial shelving for books and toys helps additional zoning.
The central part, designed as a circle to create a flexible educational environment, interconnects all functional areas, turning them into additional places for children’s studies. This is in line with Montessori’s philosophy, which contributes to the individual development of each student.
The room also has a study area with a place for flowers and small animal care. Also, there is a small kitchen and a dining area for children with low wash basins for washing hands. Opposite the place for eating, there is a wall coating that can be used for educational chalk drawings.
The main condition for choosing the finishing materials was to create a warm and cozy atmosphere of the room. The main color scheme is a washable white wall covering, and the color accent is a crimson color, which is used for active game spaces. Wooden furniture textures and a cork floor with underheating are used.
The symbol of the “house” is reflected in the geometry of the interior and in its corporate identity. We tried to create a small-scale world for the child, where it would be interesting for a kid to study and interact with the environment.

architect|Daria Yurkevich
corporate identity |Inna Yurkevich
photography|Olesya Kuzina