Multifamily Housing

location|Odessa, Ukraine
area|3 400 m2

The project is located in Odessa, Ukraine. The land area of this project is 1 520 m2 (44m × 35m). The building contains 18 dwellings in 3 floors, the ground floor is intended for 2 commercial premises, and the underground level for 20 parking spaces and storage rooms. The dwellings are laid out around the central core, leaving every room towards the facade.

The volume of the building is stretched between the boundaries that limit the plot,  wraps an interior courtyard that organizes  mini-public area. We took the generic shape that was given as a constraint and used it as a starting point for the design. The main entrance of the house arrives at an interior courtyard, offering light and ventilation in the heart of the home. The  central interior zone within the block is derived from the representative elements of culture in Odessa. Derived from conceptual collage, the result is a warm and  quiet  space.

Exterior finishes are a combination of smooth white stucco, brick plate cladding and sunscreens. The facade during the day rich with dynamic volumes and shadows.  The facade is very light and variable according to the use of its inhabitants, creating  shadows and silhouettes that flow between the interior and exterior.

architect|Daria Yurkevich