office building ``cube``

location|Kiev, Ukraine
area|1 250 m2

The Cube project was conceived as a state-of-the-art commercial office building. The building consists of 3 floors above ground for a total height of 10 meters with a leasable floor area of 750 m2. The ground floors contain waiting areas, service rooms, a library with co-working, while upper floors house the offices and conferences rooms. The project consists primarily of open office spaces which are distributed around atrium. The basement houses a cafeteria with terrace and service rooms .
The design of the building is founded upon principles of geometric clarity and openness that are reflected in its horizontal and vertical organization. Also the design of the office building reflects the distinct orientation of the site.
The main facade of the building is articulated with a white translucent glass screen, which provides privacy and filters daylight into the building, and allows unobstructed views from within the interior spaces. Overlays of transparent and translucent screens, as well as solar shading systems such as louvers, combine with solid surfaces to modulate varying degrees of exposure to the sun and of privacy. Natural light is controlled for views and orientation, both in terms of how the building is perceived from its surroundings throughout the day, and in order to maximize daylight and views from within the interior spaces.

architect|Daria Yurkevich