Nursery school

location|Brovary, Ukraine
area|900 m2

This building is constructed with a plot area of nearly 4700m2 and a gross area of the building  nearly 900 m2 spread over 2 levels.

Lobby, cafeteria with kitchen, medical post and technical facilities are grouped together on the ground floor.The administration, the school life premises, the sports room, multipurpose activity room are located on the second floor. The two floors bring together the classrooms.

The atrium distributes the entire program from the corridors and walkways. It acts as a buffer space, allowing the regulation of the climatic atmosphere of the building (solar contribution in winter, cooling, and natural ventilation in summer).

In the search for a refined style, we wanted to limit the multiplication of colors and materials. Thus, the single white color of the facades and interiors with yellow accent allows the living and active elements of the place to be highlighted: the natural light, the trees, and plantations, but above all the kids themselves.

Greenery plays an essential role in the appearance and layout of the building with the playgrounds and educational garden on the school’s terrace. The pergalo, featuring a lattice design, serves as a cool and shaded canopy over the children’s playgrounds outside, while also providing a space for green plants to grow. Triangular in shape and centered around an existing tree, the pergalo brings an organic touch to the building’s facade.

The facade of the building is a pristine white, with windows in different shapes and sizes, creating an inviting and cheerful atmosphere.

architect|Daria Yurkevich