National Health Service of Ukraine

location|Kiev, Ukraine
area|6700 m2

architect|Daria Yurkevich

photography|Arsen Fedosenko

Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, the NHS of Ukraine has undergone a renovation to increase its functionality and aesthetics.

The construction project included the renovation and conversion of the facade and function of the building.

The renovation principle of the main building is to preserve the original building structure including certain supporting walls and extract some external walls of the first and second floors of the main facade to improve the transparency and openness of the building. The building’s structure, made up of concrete pillars and beams has also been reformed on office floors where public use is foreseen. Another key aspect of the reform has focused on the facade of the building.

The T-shape building is fragmented into two main volumes:  main 7-storey building which is aligned with the street with technical and administrative facilities and a cafeteria on the ground floor; and the second volume 4-storey building with lecture hall and co-working areas. The building has an area of 6700 m2.

The spatial program for the NHS of Ukraine office with 250 employees essentially includes office, record and meeting rooms, archives.

The building adopt a modern curtain wall system, forming a concise massing and pure color.

Two volumes were wrapped in polycarbonate panels, which covers the original external wall of the building on the premise of satisfying natural lighting, and at the same time forms the overlapping effect of double facades and the combination of opaque and translucent. The polycarbonate panels acts as effective sun protection, aesthetic cladding for the grey concrete façade and creates an effect akin to a halo.